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Association for the Promotion and Development of Tourism "BS"

Privacy policy

Form of organization: Association
Abbreviated name: ‘Association BS’
Headquarters and address: Alekse Šantića 11, Velika Plana, Serbia
Statistic number: 28325649
PIB: 112544024
Representative information:
Ana Milovanović
Email: info@bits.org.rs
Residence: Velika Plana, Serbia

Personality data

Any data relating to a natural person whose identity is determined or identifiable, directly or indirectly, in particular on the basis of an identity mark, such as name and identification number, location data, identifiers in electronic communications networks or one or more features of his natural , physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural and social identity. Personality data must:
  • be processed lawfully, fairly and transparently in relation to the data subject ("legality, fairness and transparency"). Legal processing is processing that is performed in accordance with this law, in other words another law which regulates processing;
  • be collected for the purposes of processing reservations, reservations of accommodation and organized stay, as well as for purposes specifically specified, explicit, justified and lawful and still cannot be processed in a manner inconsistent with those purposes ("restriction on the purpose of processing ");
  • be appropriate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purpose of the processing ("data minimization");
  • be accurate and, if necessary, updated. Taking into account the purpose of the processing, all reasonable measures must be taken to ensure that inaccurate personal data are deleted or corrected without delay ("accuracy");
  • be kept in a form that allows the identification of the person only for the period necessary to achieve the purpose of processing ("restriction of storage");
  • be processed in a way that ensures adequate protection of personal data, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing, as well as against accidental loss, destruction or damage through the application of appropriate technical, organizational and personnel measures ("integrity and confidentiality").
Data is collected by a natural person in charge of processing reservations and recording this data in the system. In the case of this site, the operator is Ana Milovanović, whose data are listed at the beginning.
Processing of given data is possible only if:
  • the data subject has consented to the processing of his or her personal data for one or more specific purposes;
  • processing is necessary for the execution of the contract concluded with the data subject or for taking action, at the request of the data subject, before concluding the contract;
  • processing is necessary in order to comply with the legal obligations of the operator;
  • data are processed for the purpose of making online reservations, employment contracts or concluding contracts, possible sending of surveys or questionnaires to e-mail address.
Consent of adults and minors

If the processing is based on consent, the controller must be able to indicate that the person has consented to the processing of his or her personal data.

If the consent of the data subject is given in a written statement relating to other matters, the request for consent must be presented in a way that sets it apart from those other matters, in an understandable and easily accessible form, and using clear and simple words. The part of the written statement that is in conflict with this law does not produce legal effect.

The data subject has the right to revoke consent at any time. Revocation of consent does not affect the admissibility of processing carried out on the basis of consent prior to revocation. Prior to giving consent, the data subject must be informed of the right of revocation as well as the effect of the revocation. Revoking consent must be as simple as giving consent.

When assessing whether consent for the processing of personal data is freely given, special attention must be paid to whether the performance of the contract, including the provision of services, is conditioned by giving consent that is not necessary for its performance.

Minors are allowed to consent only with the confirmation of a parent or guardian.

Transparency and information provided

The controller is obliged to take appropriate measures to provide all data to the data subject. This information shall be provided in writing or other form, including electronic form, as appropriate. If the data subject so requests, the information may be provided orally, provided that the identity of the person has been unequivocally established.

If certain private data is collected, the controller is obliged to provide appropriate information. They can be about the identity and contact details of the controller, as well as his representative, if he is appointed, contact details of the person for protection of personal data, if it is determined and the purpose of the intended processing and the legal basis for processing;

Protection measures

Taking into account the level of technological achievements and costs of their application, nature, scope, circumstances and purpose of processing, as well as the probability of risk and the level of risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals arising from processing, theperson responsible is obliged to:

ensure the application of the necessary protection mechanisms during processing, in order to meet the conditions for processing prescribed by this Law and to protect the rights and freedoms of data subjects.

The controller is obliged to ensure, by constant application of appropriate technical, organizational and personnel measures, that only those personal data that are necessary for the realization of each individual purpose of processing are always processed. This obligation applies in relation to the number of data collected, the scope of their processing, the period of their storage and their availability.

Also, the operator is not responsible for any changes to the data from the sites to which he can link you via links on his own page. You open every link at your own risk, every piece of information entered on that page will no longer have links to data from the original page from which the person came.

Privacy policy changes

Our Privacy Policy is likely to be updated. We therefore recommend that you review this document regularly to be fully aware of our obligations regarding the security and privacy of your personal information. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us.